Love your feet: How to care for them

Want to buy some sandals but find that your feet aren’t fit to be seen? Check out these tips for happy and pretty feet.

Get great shoes

Poorly fitting shoes that pinch your heel or chafe your little toe result in corns, blisters and calluses that are painful as well as unsightly. Pick shoes that fit your feet and wear them in before putting them on for a day out.

Soak your feet

A small tub of warm water and some bath salts are a perfect antidote to sore feet. Also after 15 minutes of soaking, scrub the hard skin to remove dead cells. Finish with a rub of fresh grated coconut. It’s natural oils are great for your skin and its scent is heavenly.

Invest in a good hard skin removal tool

Hard skin on the soles of your feet protects you when you’re barefoot, but too much of it is unsightly. A rub twice a week with a classic long-handled file or electric roller tool will do the job. Just remember not to overdo it.

Moisturise daily

Apply foot cream or body lotion to your feet after you step out of the shower. Rub it into your heels and toes.

Trim your toenails correctly

Having nails that are too long can bend and bruise or damage the nail bed, while those, that are too short are painful. Not getting the shape right can lead to ingrown toenails that have to be corrected by a doctor.

If you don’t know what the right way is, go for a pedicure and follow the way it is done.


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