Plan your year ahead – Give yourself a boost

This year give yourself a boost – whatever makes you a happier person. A little bit will give you a huge overall effect when taken over the year.

Here are some ideas for making this upcoming 12 months a memorable experience:

1. Read one book a month that is inspiring or enriching.

You can start with classics from free online libraries or buy a title from from your local bookshop.

2. Start a holiday jar.

Turn out your pockets and your bag every night and toss all the coins into a jar.

3. Buy a concert ticket instead of a blouse or make-up.

Old people say that they treasure their experiences over anything they’ve bought. It’s good advice.

4. Each month telephone someone you haven’t seen in ages.

We’re social so connectivity gives us all a boost. Also, it’s nice to catch up with old friends.

5. Learn to cook something new.

Because it’s creative, functional and when you show off the new dish to friends, you can share the pleasure.

6. Plan a charity event.

Find out what the kids or pensioner’s home near you needs most, and hold a drive that helps them get there.

7. Schedule one thing you love to do every week.

It may be a hair wash or a sport, but whatever it is, make sure that there’s a spot every week that’s personal you-time.

8. Plan a good career move.

We spend so much time at work that it makes sense to do something you love.

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