How to stay awake during class

Sitting in  a room and being forced to listen to something when you are not engaged is tiring, frustrating and depressing. What’s really annoying though is that you might switch off and miss the group moving on to something hugely important. If you find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open, check out these tips.

1. Ask – is it me?

If this is a regular problem, start by examining your lifestyle. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating properly? We’re talking vegetables, milk and all that good stuff, not a deep-fried breakfast, lunch and dinner. Are you exercising everyday or every second day? Do you have a reasonable life-study balance? If not, then get your lifestyle into proper shape.

2. Look for passion

Find something about the class that you care about – not exam results but something you feel passionately about. If you can connect with the content, you’ll be interested and that will naturally hone your attention.

3. Quietly busy

If it’s a long class, keeping a little bit active will help you focus. Drinking water and chewing gum will keep your body busy.

4. Work your body

If you are certain that the next five minutes won’t cover anything you don’t already know, take a toilet break by jogging to a loo that’s far away.


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