‘Save ME’ 7th BTS video to hit 300 million views [Video]

“Save ME” is the seventh music video from K-pop titan BTS to achieve over 300 million YouTube hits, a record for a K-pop band.

“Save ME” is on the group’s second repackaged album “YOUNG FOREVER,” released in 2016. The number is back in the spotlight thanks to its connection to the team’s recent song “I’m Fine,” whose lyrics and title were meant as a response to the other song.

Watch the music video of “Save ME”: bit.ly/1Tfkfq6

“DNA,” “FIRE,” “DOPE,” “Blood Sweat & Tear,” “MIC Drop” and “Fake Love” garnered over 300 million hits. “DNA” made BTS the first Korean band to have a music video with more than 500 million hits.

The team recently returned to Korea after a heavy overseas schedule. BTS will perform with American singer Charlie Puth at the 2018 MGA awards on Nov. 6 in Incheon.

The group is set to tour Japan beginning Nov. 13.



– The Korea Times

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