Nasi goreng, sate ayam evoke childhood memories in Obama

Fried rice and chicken satay are the two traditional Indonesian dishes Barack Obama enjoys eating during his stay in Yogyakarta.

Indonesian food certainly reminds the former US president of his childhood. Obama spent four years in Jakarta in the late 1960s, after his mother married an Indonesian man. During those years, his mother and stepfather often took Obama to Yogyakarta.

During a state visit to Indonesia in November 2010, Obama made special mention of bakso (meatballs) and sate (satay).

“Obama ordered traditional Indonesian dishes, such as bakmi (noodles), satay and fried rice,” said Tentrem Hotel general manager Mey Nurnaningsih.

For their three-day Yogyakarta trip, the Obamas stayed at Tentrem Hotel,  owned by one of Indonesia’s famed jamu makers, Sido Muncul.

Although Yogyakarta’s most famous delicacy is gudeg (jackfruit and coconut milk stew served with various side dishes), Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said fried rice and chicken satay were also loved by locals.

“Indonesian fried rice and chicken satay are delicious. They are also among the favourites of the Yogyakarta locals,” said the minister.

– The Jakarta Post

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