How To Impress Your Audience

You are presenting your group assignment to the class and are prepared, but you feel that your presentation could be smoother. Here are a few points to consider.

Don’t exceed 25 words per slide

The words should be expressed in not more than 3 points or else your audience will be reading when they should be listening to you.

Slow down and breathe

Nervous people tend to speed up to get it over with as quickly as possible. The problem is that you know your stuff, but your audience does not. Give them time to absorb what you are saying by slowing down.

Don’t apologise or say you’re nervous

Public speaking is all about appearances. What would your first reaction be if a seasoned public speaker stood up and started a speech with, “Erm, sorry. I’m not sure about this. Erm, I’m a bit nervous?”

If you are confident, then your audience is also confident.

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