Boost your self confidence

Feeling a little uncertain about yourself? Check out these simple tips

Boost your self confidence with some of these tips

Wear something smart

When you look good, you feel good. So, haul out something that makes the most of what you have  and greet the world looking your best.

Wear bright colours

Fast food restaurants and circuses are decorated in bright yellows, reds and oranges for a reason – these bright colours are mood boosters. So, when you are picking out something nice from your wardrobe, pick the brightest colour.

Play your battle song

We all have a song that boosts our spirits. It might be a classic such as Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger or  Guns N’Roses Welcome to the Jungle or Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger  (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). Whatever it is, put it on loud and sing along.

Take 10 minutes out

Imaging technology shows that just 10 minutes of quiet meditation creates brain changes, where the areas associated with compassion and self awareness switch on and those associated with stress switch off. So, concentrate on an image of your happy place and power up.



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