Look great with the right make-up

The essentials to enhance natural features and look presentable

For most adult females, walking into the beauty section of any department store is akin to entering a candy store. The place is filled with every imaginable product in luscious hues and shades – all calling out to you to take them home. But the average woman doesn’t require so much make-up. She only needs to be armed with the following essentials to enhance her natural features and look presentable.


Whether in powder , pressed or liquid form, foundation serves to even out skin tone, create a flawless-looking complexion and provide a “base” for the rest of your make-up.


This is something handy to have around in case you need to cover up under-eye dark circles, blemishes or pimples.

Loose powder

Give your face a light dusting of loose powder to set the foundation and to help control shine.


Blusher is meant to add some colour to your cheeks to create a healthy glow, not a clown’s face; so natural-looking shades that complement your skin are the best choices. Apply a light layer on the apples of your cheeks and blend well.


A few coats of mascara on your eyelashes will make them look thicker and longer. This helps to bring your eyes into focus and even make you appear more awake.


Lining your eyes along the lash line will help to define and enhance your eyes. By changing the strokes, you can create different looks for day and night.


It’s dated to match the colour of your eyeshadow with your clothes. The safest shades are earth-tone colours like brown or beige.

Brow pencil

A brow pencil is useful to have for defining and filling in sparse eyebrows.


A dab of colour on your lips brightens up the whole face. Lipsticks are generally waxier while lipglosses are more sheer and shinier. Changing the shade of your lip colour is one of the easiest ways to change a casual look to a more dramatic one.

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