8 Shower Mistakes That Ruin Your Skin

How on earth can a person screw up showering? Right? Well, you might be getting yourself clean, but these common bathing mistakes could have damaging effects on your skin while you’re busy scrubbing away.

You’re Using Hot Water (or Taking Too Long)

There’s nothing like a long, hot shower on a cold day (or after an intense workout). But that steamy water is harsh on your skin. Hot water strips the oil from your skin.

Lukewarm water is the best temperature for showers, and keep it short. Under 10 minutes is more than enough time.

You’re Using the Wrong Soap

Soap, particularly bar soap, not only removes dirt from your skin, it also strips away some of your body’s natural oils. And get rid of is the scented stuff because the fragrance can really dry out your skin.

You’re Scrubbing Too Much or Too Hard

Overly aggressive cleansing can cause irritation, leading to redness or rashes, and it can make eczema worse. As long as you’re using soap and water, there’s no need to go overboard with the scrubbing.

You’re Obsessed with Lather

Soaps that lather like crazy may have lots of detergents (such as sodium laurel sulfate), which can be irritating to the skin. Using too much leads to greater concentrations of soap on the skin, increasing the chance of irritation and dryness.

Your Loofah Is Old

Letting your loofah hang in your warm, moist shower is just asking for an overload of yeast, bacteria, and mold. Instead, take it out of the bathroom and hang it elsewhere to dry.  Throw it out and replace it after three weeks.

You Miss a Spot While Rinsing

If you fail to completely rinse soap off your skin, it will keep dissolving the natural oils that are important for protecting it.

You’re Rough When Towel Drying

Just like scrubbing hard when you’re bathing can cause irritation, rubbing skin too hard when drying off can cause inflammation and redness. Pat dry your skin after the shower.

You Wait to Moisturize

Don’t take your time getting out the body lotion. Apply a moisturizer within the first three minutes of toweling off.

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