Use This Useful Trick For Waxing The Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrow waxing is quite daunting for first timers. What’s even more daunting is doing your own wax-job, but those are usually reserved for the bravest of souls.

The biggest worry that people have is accidentally ripping off patches off hair that shouldn’t be ripped off.

When it’s underarm hair, this doesn’t pose too big of a deal but when it’s your own eyebrow, people are going to notice, unless you’re going for the Charlie Puth look.

Then how do we make the experience a little less frightening?

A Redditor user u/doodle_day_lewis has shared her own personal secret to perfect eyebrows. The answer is lotion!

The trick here is to apply lotion to the hairs you don’t want removed. The consistency of the lotion stops wax from binding to those hairs, which means they’re not going anywhere when it rips.

She also said she combs the hairs she’s not waxing in the opposite direction of where she is waxing so there’s less opportunity for them to be snagged. Others chimed in with their tricks, too, like if wax does get on the hair you want to keep, you can leave oil on them for 10-15 minutes and then wipe the wax off.

So, if you’re looking to be adventurous but don’t want to end up regretting that decision, your best bet is using this useful little trick.

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