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Fake Products Are Hurting Malaysian Brands

In the fashion world, when a brand has to deal with counterfeit products it’s considered a mark of the brand’s success.

Sadly, fake goods are increasingly becoming even harder to spot and attitudes toward counterfeits have become a serious problem.

While some international luxury brands have considered this a complementary practice, successful local grown brands have expressed concern over this blasé attitude.

An article by NST reported that a popular Malaysian telekung brand, Siti Khadijah, has seen two of its variants, Signature Premium and The Prayer Outfit, copied by manufacturers, allegedly from Vietnam.

According to the Sahar Sahad, group CEO of Siti Khadijah Holding, fake products are sold at the same price or lower than Siti Khadijah’s starting price of RM150.

Another local brand, dUCk, has also fallen victim to the practice. The founder, Vivy Yusof says there are setups in Vietnam specifically to make fake dUCk scarves. She notes the only way forward is to innovate and pursue legal action.

Customers are also victims

Not only do these brands feel cheated, but customers who are clueless about the authenticity of these products, find themselves supporting piracy without being aware of it.

Siti Khadijah has a trademark design that uses special rubber band that is patented. Customers can have the rubber changed following wear and tear. But many that buy counterfeits don’t even realize their products are only imitation and get surprised when they realize the fact.

Siti Khadijah’s representative Mohammad Munzir Aminuddin says when customers are faced with issues such as inferior quality, they are going to shy away from the brand.

For dUCk, the brand holds the quality of the scarves to a high regard. When fake low-quality scarves are marketed as theirs, it hurts the brand’s name.

To avoid buying fakes, customers and first-time buyers are advised to check Siti Khadijah’s official marketing channels before making a purchase. According to the official website, the products are sold at 30 Siti Khadijah stores and authorized retailers, as well as established online shops.

Both brands note that customers should buy responsibly and the moral aspects of counterfeit products should not be taken lightly.

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