What Kind Of Movies Are Malaysian’s Interested In?

For the second half of 2018, moviegoers will get to see intense, jaw-dropping movies. Among them are Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom, Ocean’s 8 and A Star is Born.

In the first week, Jurassic Park opened with RM602 million in 48 international markets. Meanwhile Ocean’s 8 has secured RM49 million in 16 international markets.

But what about in Malaysia. What kind of movies succeed in Malaysia’s cinema? And what kind of movies are Malaysian’s actually interested in seeing?

In an interview with The Malaysian Reserve, James Andrew Chong the content strategy manager of TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd said that cinema has its own seasons and cycles.

Chong observed that in the past years Malaysians seem to love “creature features”. He noted that movies packed with action, disaster, monsters and supernatural horrors receive much love from Malaysian audiences.

While Korean and Thai films are slowly making its way into Malaysian cinema, according to Chong, the English titles overshadow the others.

As much as 70% of English movies that are shown in cinemas nationwide are shown in Malaysian cinema. The remaining 30% comprise of a mixture of Asian titles, which include films from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Thailand and the local films.

A film is considered successful in Malaysia if ticket sales could breach between the RM10 million and RM15 million mark, Chong said.

The success of a film is also dependant on location. Some movies perform well in metropolitan areas while some will do better in the more rural areas.

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