Learn More About Batik at Central Market

If you’re looking for a craft idea or you’re someone who loves to paint, Ainna Artwork may be the place for you.

Located at the Central Market shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll see batik-style paintings of owls, butterflies, flowers, even the Petronas Twin Towers as you enter the shop.

Ainna Fareha and her husband Nabil Ibrahim, who own the shop, have run art classes there since 2012. They hold workshops for batik-making and batik painting, as well as general batik demonstrations for customers.

Why you should go

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It’s a good place to learn a few basic points on batik, like how to make batik the easy way with nifty little kits provided in the workshops.

Ainna will be on hand to show you how to do it properly, as well as talk about the history of Malaysian batik. You can create your own designs but that will cost you extra.

Apart from learning the art, you can also buy their batik-themed products.

What to do

Ainna and her batik collection

All you need is a bit of creativity to paint on the piece of cloth.

You can paint pre-set batik drawings or come up with your own design. Ainna’s patterns are made up of Malaysian flora (rafflesia, hibiscus), fauna (cats, turtles) and landmarks (KLCC).

You can buy sheets of fabric in different sizes and various drawn designs for RM20 upwards. Nabil sketches the patterns on the fabric which is then placed on a frame for Ainna to do the “canting” (a pen-like tool used to apply hot liquid wax for the batik-making process). Bring your own design if you have one.

Walk-ins are welcome, but make a booking at least a week in advance for special requests.

Who will enjoy this

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Both adults and children are welcome to try their hand at batik painting.

“Some of my regular customers even end up visiting my shop at least two or three times a month. Most of my customers are foreigners as Central Market is full of tourists. But that’s nice, because I get to promote batik to the world,” says Ainna.

How to get there

Take the LRT or MRT to Pasar Seni. There are also lots of other tourist attractions in the area including Merdeka Square and Petaling Street (Chinatown). – Star2

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