5 Current Trends in Interior Decoration

When we have achieved our dream home, we want it to be comfortable with a homey feel and lasting decoration. There is no doubt that current trends in interior decor plays a big role in the decorating process.Interior decorating is ever changing and each style reflects the personality of the homeowner.

Here is a forecast of trends expected this year.

1. Terrazzo  

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Terrazzo has made a comeback. It is a popular type of flooring and wall finish of the 1970s with marble clutch patterns. Based on data from Pinterest, users browsing pictures with the ‘terrazzo’ pattern increased by 300 percent. This scattered marble pattern can also be used on ceilings, entrance lanes or even household appliances.

 2. Wrought metal

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The wrought metal is compatible with all colours. However, placing different finishes on wrought metal increases the impact of this material. Decorating the room with silver or gold metal frames, and a coffee table with copper tray gives you a back in time feeling.

 3. Imperfections

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Wabi-sabi is a new lifestyle philosophy in 2018. The word is derived from the old Japanese philosophy relating to creating peace through imperfections at home. This concept is then adapted into the decoration trend to appreciate the home furnishing that makes it look real like curves on the wall or scratches on the wooden floor.

 4. Minimalist furniture legs

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The wooden furniture legs such as chairs, tables and sofas are replaced with thin metal designs to make it look smaller. This method produces furniture with higher utility value and more minimalist appearance.

5. Warm tones

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Warm colours make the living room more minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired. The use of this colour also does not interfere with other concepts, but also increases comfort.

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