Costume Maker: From Hobby to Profitable Career

For costume maker Mohammad Shazni Abdul Ghani, 32, it all started as a hobby before it turned into a full-time job 5 years ago.

Apart from ultimate satisfaction, the skill of producing each costume enables him to earn between RM600 to RM6,000 per set.

According to Mohammad Shazni, he had learnt to produce costumes on YouTube while studying in the Industrial Design department at Lim Kok Wing University.

Before becoming a full-time costume maker, Mohammad Shazni worked as a Hip Hop instructor at Lim Kok Wing University and was a freelance website developer.

However, his interest in making costumes encouraged him to be serious as a full-time costume player and costume maker.

“After all, costume prices in the store are quite expensive, so I feel better producing them myself (DIY) because they can be sold to those who are interested,” he said.

Mohammad Shazni and his TUC community

Mohammad Shazni said the suits that he produced were from famous characters such as The Flash, Ant Man, Mandalorian, Iron Spider, The Shedder and the latest, Iron Man.

According to Harian Metro, the suit takes between two to three months to complete depending on the material used.

The costumes are manufactured using certain materials, for example, the Iron Man costume is made with vinyl bandages which is typically used in the manufacturing of vehicles making it durable and it gives better finishing compared to paint.

“It is ready and someone is interested to buy it but I am not ready to sell it to anyone even though I can get an estimated return of up to RM8,000.

“Let it be a private collection for me now because it’s quite special and I am contented to be able to produce it,” he said, making Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG) and YouTube channel, Klones Network as a medium to connect with followers.

Apart from taking orders for costumes, Mohammad Shazni also takes part in activities organized by the ‘The Ultimate Cosplayers (TUC)’ community.

He said participation in the community was one of the ways to share interests and ideas with other members of various backgrounds.

“Normally, we will gather and watch a Marvel movie or eat together at weekends.

“The rest of us are connected through social media or activities involving cosplay players across the country.

“Hence, this is not a waste of time because apart from adding to my income, I am able to make new acquaintances through this hobby,” he said.

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