From Kriss to Cafe Racer With Recycled Materials

His experience working as a mechanic gives advantage to Juridwan Sabturani, 28, to modify his own motorcycle without sending it to the workshop.

Interestingly, the young man carried out the modification by using recycled materials and he did it because of personal interest and satisfaction.

His extraordinary level of creativity also proves that this expensive hobby is not just for the rich and he had proven it when he modified the Kriss MR1 ​​into a Cafe Racer.

This Sabah-born lad said he bought the used Modenas Kriss model motorcycle in 2010 because of  its durability and easy access to spare parts.

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“Actually, I am a classic motorcycle enthusiast but financial constraints gave me the idea to modify this bike into  a Cafe Racer. In order to get the desired outcome, I watched videos on YouTube.”

Given that the cost of modification at the workshop can be quite expensive, Juridwan modified the motorcycle at home with no adequate equipment and welding, while every part or accessory was attached using screws.

Jurisdiction said he is probably the first to modify the Modenas Kriss motorcycle into a classic motorcycle.

“I was excited to modify this motorcycle as no one else has done this before on a Modenas Kriss.

“In terms of design, I got the inspiration from the classic model Cafe Racer. Every piece of accessory required involved a capital of up to RM350 especially fairing,” he told Harian Metro.

Juridwan uses ​​recycled materials such as an old helmet and an Astro plate in modifying the motorcycle although he is uncertain of how it will turnout.

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 “I spent about two hours fairing using an old helmet before looking for ideas for the seat and tank.

“Suddenly, I thought of using the Astro plate iron rod as an oil tank. My original oil tank was removed and replaced with the Suzuki oil tank which I purchased at Dataran Merdeka.

“After successfully setting up the seat and oil tank, I was happy because my Modenas Kriss turned exactly into a Cafe Racer.

“I am happy and contented to produce something that I have always wanted and I hope that by doing this it would inspire young motorcycle lovers out there,” he said.

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