Young Men Are Driving China’s Beauty Industry Growth

China’s post-95 generation, who were born between 1995 and 1999, spend more on beauty and cosmetics products than other age groups, and the consumption of masks, skin care products and face cleansers for young men is expected to usher in explosive china’s beauty industry growth in the sector, according to a new report.

Increasing Sales For Men Makeup Products

The report jointly issued by Chinese online discount retailer Vipshop Holdings Ltd and market research firm iResearch, said the sales of beauty and makeup products for post-95 men increased 60 percent in 2017 compared with 2015, and BB cream, lipsticks and eyebrow pencils are favoured by post-95 men.

“We find that 18.8 percent of the surveyed post-95 men use BB cream, 18.6 percent use lipstick, while 8.8 of young boys use eyebrow pencils and 8.5 percent use eyeliner,” said Wu Yiran, the general manager of iResearch in the South China region, adding it seems that they are pursuing a more exquisite lifestyle.

In general, 44.8 percent of those interviewed use lip-stick every day, 11.8 percent higher than other age groups, and nearly 50 percent carry lipsticks with them. More than 20 percent own more than five lipsticks.

Luxury products such as watches, bags and luggage are also popular among post-95 men, and 32.7 percent of those interviewed showed an interest in new products, according to the report.

Moreover, the post-95s are willing to try products that gain popularity online and keep themselves up to date, and their pursuit of brands is personalized and diverse.

“More than 60 per-cent of the post-95s browse e-commerce platforms at least once every day, and about 10 percent of them place an order every day,” said Wu.

Post-95 Generation In China

The post-95 generation grew up during China’s fastest period of economic growth and the information age. Many were born in cities and have grown up exposed to television, the internet, and social networking platforms. They are now becoming a main consumer group.

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