Avengers: Infinity War Is Beyond Imagination

The most anticipated superhero movie to end all superhero movies is finally here.

Avengers: Infinity War, an excitement of 10 years’ worth of generally fine and occasionally great entries in superhero cinema, ones that form a larger narrative arc that has been consistently cohesive. And it deserves every single one of those epithets!

Not cheap

Avengers: Infinity War, the longest, priciest, and most-crowded crowd-pleaser ever to roll off the Marvel Studios assembly line, Earth’s mightiest heroes face their most daunting challenge yet: an intergalactic destroyer whose dearest dream is to cleave the entire population of the universe in half.

How the story goes..

The plot, which really puts the universe into “shared universe,” is at once incredibly busy and very, very simple.

Thanos, the bulky space dictator with a head like a craggy eggplant and a rumble of baritone now supplied by Josh Brolin, is getting dangerously close to his life goal – the acquisition of all six Infinity Stones.

The glowing-gem MacGuffins scattered across the known cosmos.

If he successfully completes his scavenger hunt, he can commit interplanetary genocide with the snap of his fingers.

So Infinity War plays out like a worlds-spanning game of keep-away, dividing its enormous roster into offense and defense parties.

The Superheroes

This means we get Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sparring with his magical counterpoint, the equally prickly and arrogant Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch); Thor (Chris Hemsworth) hitching a ride with the Guardians Of The Galaxy; and many of the rest convening in Wakanda, setting of this year’s first MCU smash, the vastly superior and much more manageable Black Panther.

To both its strength and its detriment, Infinity War never slows down.

It just keeps moving from one meeting of the minds or ruckus smackdown to the next, recreating the sensation of flipping through multiple issues in one sitting.

The Team Behind the Movie

Marvel has entrusted this enormous logistical undertaking to its most reliable multitaskers, directors Anthony and Joe Russo and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the dream team who gracefully handled the franchise duties of the last two Captain America movies, The Winter Soldier and the similarly jam-packed Civil War.

The Russos’ battle scenes, nearly countless in number, are busy and occasionally fun, but almost entirely lacking in the hand-to-hand practical action that highlighted their Captain America movies.

Here, we get a lot of CGI figures darting across the screen, tossing multi-coloured bursts of energy at each other. It’s numbing, mostly.

The huge stakes in Thanos’ game are made quite apparent and never disappear beneath the constant swirl of CGI and super-powered smackdowns.

The heroes get their share of stand-up-and-cheer-worthy moments, the humour is on point but not overwhelming, and the emotional impact is keenly felt at many points in the film.

This film will leave you speechless as the 10 years anticipation is finally worth it. It is beyond your imagination and nothing will ever make you really prepare for the action.

Just take a look at that extensively long cast list, and imagine them in costume as their superhero alter-egos, all together on in the same movie. – AV Film

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