Who Is The Woman in Cabin 10?

On Aurora, a cruise liner equipped with only 10 cabins, luxurious chandeliers and a bottom-less supply of champagne, Lo Blacklock is a passenger on this maiden voyage.

As a travel journalist with a withering love life and a vexing drinking problem, she is among the other passengers  that comprises of a journalist, photographer, a couple investors and a model.

After a lavish welcome dinner, Lo is awakened by a scream from the room next door and a splashing sound of what she believes is a body hitting the water.

The head of security comes in to investigate but reveals an empty room, and even suggesting that Lo might have had too much to drink, thus dismissing her claims.

What becomes more confusing to her is that all the passengers on board are accounted for. As the ship continues its journey through the North Sea, Lo becomes desperate to solve the mystery.

While she takes the role of a detective, someone else is determined to stop her.

The author, Ruth Ware cleverly uses the cruise ship setting and provides a claustrophobic atmosphere complete with secret hallways, stairwells and passages, adding a backdrop of eeriness to every scene.

Starting from the first chapter Ware captures your attention and forces you to hold on to the ride right up till the end.

Through Lo’s character we get to experience the will of an amateur investigator who has only her journalism experience to back her up. To top it off, her drinking habit cast doubts on her judgement.

Recently, CBS Films acquired the movie rights to the book and has set up the project with the Gotham Group to produce it. Hillary Seitz was picked as the screenwriter to adapt the novel.

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