Fans Of ‘The Girl on the Train’ Need To Read This Book

The name of the author printed across the cover of the book is penned as A.J. Finn. Perhaps to influence readers into thinking it was written by a woman as ‘The Girl on the Train’ and ‘Gone Girl’ have.

But it’s true author, Dan Mallory, is well versed in mystery fiction. Mallory has edited recent ‘Agatha Christie’ novels but Christie’s books doesn’t pack the punch it needs for a movie adaptation.

“The Woman in the Window” starts out with Anna Fox spying on her neighbours from her Harlem townhouse.

She is housebound due to agoraphobia but thinks she witnessed  a crime.

The very basic story elements sounds very familiar. Anna, a drunk who also consumes multiple prescription drugs, none of which should be mixed with alcohol and also a neighbour that Anna keenly spies on.

Readers aren’t led into much of Anna’s background, or her family who abandoned her.

But the book excels at deceiving readers left and right until you can’t even trust anything you read.

With absolutely no allies, you can even doubt Anna’s own actions and memories.

Everyone on the street thinks she is peculiar. When she deals with the police, they happen to notice that she has stockpiled enough wine and prescription drugs to sedate an army.

In the end, can we actually rely on her?

If you enjoyed ‘The Girl on the Train, do not hesitate to pick this up. This devious book carries the mystery throughout. With it’s many layers and horror stories buried deep, you will sure find this roller coaster ride a thrill.

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