Hijabi Style Guide: What To Wear At The Beach

With the weather getting warmer, some of you might be traveling to the beach.  But the number one question is what do you need to pack for your beach vacation? Especially as a hijabi.

Don’t worry sisters! We’ve collected pictures from Pinterest that we think will make your beach experience a lot better and a lot less sweaty!

When the weather’s hot, light colours should be your go to choice. Aim for pastels and whites as light colours reflect more light.

Keep your face protected by wearing an extra layer of protection. Besides, a cute hat never hurt anyone 😉

Keep things flowy! It’s hot enough as it is when you’re at the beach so you’d want to keep your clothes flowy so air can flow through more easily.

If you insist on layering, keep your fabrics light. Remember! cotton is your best friend in hot and humid weather. Make sure most of your clothes are made in breathable fabric.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring extra clothes. Being at the beach, you will absolutely get sweaty in some areas, so in order to feel fresh throughout the day, pack an extra top.

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