Cast Of Maze Runner Outdo Themselves In Series Finale

In the third and final installment of The Maze Runner, the protagonists are now seasoned fighters in an epic battle for the future of mankind.

Their struggle is deeply personal and well portrayed by the strong characters. The Death Cure is a whopper of a finale – bigger and better than expected.

“One of the things I’m most proud is we formed our own identity. With our cast, and story, (the series) has very much become its own thing, paved its own way with this generation,” says Dylan O’Brien  at a press conference held in Seoul.

O’Brien explained that while the movie is based on sci-fi, it adds elements of adventure and romance.

The Maze Runner series revolves around a group of teens who are thrust into a harsh environment in a post-apocalyptic world.

The first installation carries the group led by Thomas and his friend Newt fighting its way out of a maze called Glade, while the second was about the Gladers struggling against the organisation of W.C.K.D.

Mystery surrounding W.C.K.D.’s plan is tackled in the final film, which kicks off after Minho – a critical member of the Glade played by Lee Ki-hong – has been abducted by the organisation.

According to The Korea Herald, the actors said this film had the strongest starting point of the three, allowing the characters to demonstrate more personality.

According to Movieweb, The Death Cure is built around several huge action scenes. Nothing in the first two films comes close in magnitude.

The key element of the film, the cast stressed, is the growth that the characters go through.

In the film, his character’s perspective about good and evil is challenged, O’Brien noted.

“In the first two movies, he was utterly defiant in his actions against W.C.K.D. But for the first time, my character’s perspective is shifting. … It’s a struggle through all the realisation that maybe he hasn’t been entirely right.”

Despite the characters leaving the maze in the first film, the harrowing path that they go through in the second and third film mirrors the winding path of the Glade.

“Maze represents a lot of what the characters end up going through,” O’Brien noted.

Wrapping up the series, the actors said the charm of the film seems to be in its characters.

“I feel like it has something in it for everyone, especially the characters. There are an array of characters that everyone can latch on to. It is so diverse,” said Lee.

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