5 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Designers, influencers, and all the incredibly stylish people you see on Instagram seem to be on the same page about a handful of trends, whether it’d be a certain type of coat or a particular style of sleeve.

Well, 2018 has come and it’s time to make way for something new. Here, we take inspiration from Glamour’s list of trends to get excited about.

1. Ultra Violet

Source: Glamour

Pantone announced 2018’s Color of the Year to be Ultra Violet, “an enchanting purple shade that offers designers versatility of expression,” per its press release.

Ultra violet has already made its debut on the Spring 2018 runways, at shows like Rochas and Zadig, and Voltaire. Expect to see the saturated purple hue everywhere in 2018.

2. Balloon Sleeves

Source: Glamour

2017 saw some pretty ballooned-up sleeves in Malaysia. The next iteration? Voluminous blouses that feel a little bit 19th century. Now other luxury brands—like Burberry and JOUR/NÉ—are joining in on the fun.

3. Disco Flair

Source: Glamour

It wouldn’t be a fashion trend if there wasn’t a mention of a decade past suddenly making a comeback. We’ve already seen the return of the ’90s. In 2018, we’re seeing designers’ fascination with ’70s disco manifest into all-over sequins, power suits, and embellished bustiers. Look to the runways of Marc Jacobs and Halpern for endless inspiration.

4. Primary Color-blocking

Source: Glamour

Calvin Klein, Marni, and Oscar de la Renta seem to be in agreement: If you’re color-blocking in 2018, keep your palette restrained to those three primary colors. With this limited collection, you can focus on the graphic combination of these hues. The more saturated the shade, the better.

5. Tinsel Fringe

Source: Glamour

In 2018, this boho-chic trend gets festive and futuristic in tinsel and other stringy metallic materials. Whether it’s a neck-to-ankle fringe dress or tiny fringes on all-over silver sequins. This trend is all about a “more is more” mentality.

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