5 Beauty Resolutions to Stick to In 2018

Not all of your New Year’s resolutions need to be grand career ambitions or total body transformations. Smaller acts of self-improvement are just as worth your time – even if they seem superficial. Let’s make 2018 the year we embrace beauty. Here are some beauty resolutions to stick to starting now.

1. Embrace oils

If you’ve ever been cursed with shining skin or acne, the idea of putting oil directly on to your face sounds like madness. But do not panic as oils will not make your skin a slick. Instead they’re an effective way to properly hydrate and moisturise the skin, preventing dry skin from producing excess oil to compensate.

Try an oil cleanser, give skin gritting a go, or massage a few drops of facial oil into your skin before bed. Not only will oils do wonders for your skin, but they feel ultra luxurious.

2. Regularly clean your pillowcases and bedsheets

Easy to put off or forget, but you really do need to be popping your bedding into the wash on the regular. Facialists recommend washing your pillow cases between every two to four days so the dirt of sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells will be cleaned away before it wreaks havoc on your skin.

3. Dedicate some time to self-care

It might sound indulgent, but pencilling in time to give yourself a proper pamper each week can be a huge part of looking after your mental health. And it’ll make you look glorious. Make your beauty self-care an appointment, write it in your planner, and stick to it.

We’re talking face masks, foot soaks, hydrating hair treatments, manicures, lounges in the bathtub. Do all the stuff that’s good for your body and makes you feel brilliant. It’s important to make that a priority in 2018, because you deserve to feel good.

4. Give your hair a break

Calm down on the heat tools. Avoid tight ponytails that make your head sore. Just stop being so harsh on your hair this year. It’s worth pushing through your initial discomfort to embrace your natural hair in all its glory, but if that feels impossible, just have a few days each week when you’re not putting your hair through intense styling. Get regular trims, do hydrating treatments once a week, and let your hair dry naturally when you can.

5. Stop worrying about gender

Men, you can wear whatever makeup you fancy. Your skin will not suddenly melt off and you won’t be kicked out of the club of being able to call yourself a man. You’re not limited to skincare options in red and black packaging with ‘FOR MEN’ splashed across the front. Don’t restrict yourself to the men’s section when there’s a whole world of incredible, ungendered skincare products out there.

Source: Metro

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