Tinted Sunglasses: Selena Gomez Shows How It’s Done

The ‘Fetish’ singer is always on top of her game when it comes to styling her outfits. A low-maintenance approach while protecting your eyes from constant flashlights and giving your outfit a boost? Selena seems to have found the formula.

We’ve been seeing this trend for quite some time, whether it’s Rihanna, Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid rocking a pair, nothing beats Selena and her love for tinted sunglasses.

Over the years we’ve seen her trending a wide range of colourful tinted shades including red, blue and yellow. And every time, these shades never failed her.

Here we’ve collected the times when she stepped out with a pair. Fancy being in trend? Let Selena be your guide:

Vintage Frames Caviar Midas Series 8863 C21 Sunglasses
Vintage Frames ‘Famous’ Sunglasses in the Yellow/Orange Gradient
Custom made Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
Vintage Frames Academy Line OP74 C33 Sunglasses

Vintage Frames ‘Porta Romana’ Sunglasses with mint green lenses

Vintage Frames Caviar Midas Sunglasses
Garrett Leight ‘Valencia’ Sunglasses with Rouge lenses
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