5 Common Hair Mistakes Men Always Commit

Many men complain that their hair gives them trouble. The possibility is, you’re committing one of the common hair mistakes that men make and you didn’t even notice it. If you want to avoid doing it, read these 5 common hair mistakes as presented by The Idleman.

1: Being Rough With Your Scalp In The Shower

Scratching your scalp in the shower might not seem like this would cause any issues. But this rough action could actually weaken your hair follicles and increase the risks of dandruff. Try rubbing through with the palms of your hands instead or gently with the padded part of your fingertips. You’ll find it promotes circulation, which can make your hair grow nice and thick.

2: Washing too Much       

This may come as a surprise to many guys, but you should really only be washing hair once or twice a week. Most shampoos, particularly the cheaper ones, will strip your hair of natural oils and protections. While conditioner will replace much of this, it is good for the health of both your hair and scalp to allow your natural oils to come through and do their thing. So, save washing for just a few times a week.

3: Using 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner

In order for your hair to be properly cleaned up, the pores in your scalp need to be opened and this is where your shampoo comes in. It helps to get rid of the dirt. Conditioner is needed after to add a moisturising agent and to close up those hair cuticles. Your 2-in-1 product, however, might be opening and cleaning the cuticles but it doesn’t handle the closing part which means that ultimately your hair ends up dirtier anyway.

4: Using Product in Wet Hair

The first downside to this is that water will dilute the product. This makes it way less effective and can even cause your hair to go all clumpy among other undesirable effects. Unless the instructions specify otherwise, your hair should be at least towel dried before you begin to add any products.

5: Overstyling

You probably need to be a lot more conservative when it comes to applying products. You can always put more in, but start out with small amounts of anything you’re using and apply as needed. Invest in a decent comb and styling products like waxes, gels or clays that suit your hair thickness and style.

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