Fashion How-to: Wearing A Kimono

What’s a traditional outfit in Japan, is a fashion piece for others. This eastern piece of clothing has been used as an outerwear by people all over the world. The colourful flower detailed clothing gives off the bohemian feel and if you know how to wear it right, suits every occasion.

Here are a few ways you can mix and match your kimono:

For days when you need a pop of color for your all black outfit, don’t be afraid to match it with a colourful printed kimono. The piece will make your outfit stand out and look put-together. If you prefer wearing colours other than black underneath your kimono, stick with nude or white and nothing too bright. Otherwise your pieces will clash and look busy.

Here Cara Delavigne wears a black floor length kimono for an event. The length is suitable for formal events but the flowiness keeps it casual. Again, if you prefer any other colour, keep the colours solid as printed kimonos takes away the ‘formal’ look. This outfit is the very definition of effortless chic as you don’t need to spend much time getting ready for your dinner night out with the bf.

Cold days are no fun, but that definitely doesn’t mean your outfits can’t have their own fun. Who would’ve thought pairing your casual streetwear of hoodie and jeans with a soft coloured flower printed kimono could get heads turning but this woman certainly has the right idea. Again, to pull of this look keep your hoodie print-free as to not take the attention away from the kimono.

This is for the adventurous. This kimono-robe is definitely a statement piece and can be worn on top of a basic t-shit and jeans. This piece by Zara is a great effortless way to spice up a casual outfit and to cover bare shoulders for breezy days.



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