5 Ways to Stay Beautiful While Travelling

Visiting new places is always exciting, whether it’s for a work trip, visiting family or just for a holiday. But travelling can also be stressful on your mind and body. These are a few beauty travel tips to keep you looking fresh, flawless, and feeling calm along the journey.


1. Make-up is NOT necessary

Take off your make-up before flying. If you don’t want to travel bare faced, opt for something lighter such as a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. If your flight is overnight, try and at least remove the remnants of your make-up like you would usually do. Standing in the little dim lighted Air plane bathroom while the plane rocks back and forth trying to remove or re-apply make-up is not a good idea.

2. Moisturise, Hydrate and Re-Moisturise

The air pressure drops really low while you’re up flying, sucking the moisture out of your skin and your body. Make sure to continuously apply on a highly intense facial moisturiser and drink plenty of water. A good lip product is also good so your lips don’t get all chapped, and don’t forget your hands either!

3. Mask yourself

Masks are great ways to lock in moisture. Try a sheet mask and lay it over your face for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise try a clear moisturising mask, ones that contain Hyaluronic Acid are great, because they penetrate the skin’s innermost layers, and can hold 6x its weight in water.

4. Boost your hair

If your hair gets messy from being flattened against your headrest for hours, bring some life into it with some dry shampoo. Spray a bit through the roots to get some volume, and moisturise the ends with something nourishing like Moroccan Oil and your hair will be good as new. It’s a good idea to tie your hair back in a braid too. This way it won’t get messed up during your rest.

5. Get some sleep 

The best thing for your skin is plenty of rest. Avoid arriving at your destination with bags or puffiness around your eyes by getting some sleep. The best way to do this is put a sleeping mask over your eyes to block out the light, cut out the noise with some noise cancelling head phones and just try taking deep breaths. Soon you will find yourself drifting away and when you’re awake, you’ve already reached your destination with a ready face!



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