Blade Runner 2049: Movie Review

The Blade Runner 2049: Review

A sequel to the 1982 film Blade Runner, this neo-noir science fiction film depicts the year 2049 where bioengineered humans called replicants have been integrated into society as servants and slaves. A replicant named K (Ryan Gosling), discovers the remains of a once-pregnant replicant,  contradicting the belief that all replicants are sterile.

K is secretly tasked with finding the child and destroying all evidence related to it as knowledge of this could possibly lead to war between replicants and humans.

Blade Runner 2049 sets a slow and reflective pace where it looks into many existential questions.

Directed by Denis Villeneuve who gave us the critically acclaimed, Arrival, Blade Runner explores the question of humanity and what it means to be human.

After years of being an unflappable killer, K is experiencing doubts about his job, his memories and his nature. “I never retired something that was born,” he tells Lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright), musing that “to be born is to have a soul”.

The film gives us staggering new visions of the future with rich landscapes and beautifully immersing world, brought by cinematographer Roger Deakins.

Why then has this long-awaited sequel flopped at the box office? Whats even more surprising is the rave reviews from film critics and those who thought that it was better than the first.

The first Blade Runner which came out in 1982 amassed quite a devoted following, so the appeal to younger viewers was lost as they are not familiar with the original film.

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