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5 Bizarre Beauty Trends

Beauty and makeup has no rules and people are stepping the boundaries with new trends. Makeup is one of the many ways women use to express their creativity. Instagram and YouTube are the birthplace of all sorts of weird beauty trends. Social media has no doubt, even given rise to weird trends that not only test one’s creativity, but also boldness.

Here are some bizarre beauty trends that are currently hot online according to Timesofindia. Check them out!


1. Squiggly eyebrows

The coolest way to have your eyebrows right now is in the shape of squiggly lines. You can even add colourful shadows to make it stand out. The trick is to use PVA glue and flatten your eyebrows on one side and then use a concealer and pressed powder to hide your brows. Then, use a pencil or gel liner to draw on squiggly lines and it’s done!

2. Feather eyebrows

The Feather brow look is intended to make your eyebrows to look like actual feathers. This trend was actually started as a joke, but caught on like wildfire by Instagrammers. The result: Everyone’s doing their own version of it now.


3. Selfie nail art

There is a lot of complex nail art on Instagram, most which a regular person would not try. One of the weird arts is where an artist drew her own face on her nails, with perfectly drawn eyes, nose, lips and a different expression for each nail. The nails are then completed with dangling hair.


4. Wavy lips

If the squiggly eyebrow made its way into your heart, then give a wave to its new look, in which makeup artists turn their lips into wavy and squiggly edges. The trick is to extend squiggles past the line of your lips to create an exaggerated wave. It looks better when tried with bold colours.


5. Lollipop lips

We have seen a lot of crazy trends throughout the years, but this one has definitely gone overboard. Yes, as bizarre as it sounds, this look is the outcome of smudging lipstick outside the area of one’s lip to resemble the sticky excess that come after sucking on a lollipop.


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