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IT Movie Review

They say Pennywise comes to town every 27 years. It has been exactly that long since the first IT movie – and now IT is here.

This is not your typical horror movie. Any fan of Stephen King knows the author doesn’t do typical.

When I heard these boys were allowed to improvise the script, I was pretty interested to see what was in store. It wasn’t surprising that the outcome had a lot of swearing coming from these kids, which I thought was pretty funny.

It was every bit as gory as the book, but many think the book does it better. There were a lot more violence in the book where child orgies took place and swearing was a lot more vulgar.

A throwback to the 90’s and a mixture of coming of age during those awkward teen years, these kids did a fantastic job with their acting. If these kids remind you of Stranger Things then it’s certainly no coincidence, as it was inspired by Stephen King’s IT.

What Bill Skarsgard does with the role works well precisely because he doesn’t appear to be laboring so hard to frighten us. He toys with these kids—making his sudden bursts of insane clown hostility that much more shocking.

Every kid’s appeal grows with each film. Their characters are distinctly drawn, each with a detailed backstory that explains why their fears make them so vulnerable to Pennywise’s attacks. Whether it’s because of an overbearing mother, an abusive father or a devastating family loss. They’re also all on the cusp of something.

Pennywise knows what frightens them in this precarious state of instability and tries to use that devious, supernatural ability to lead kids to their doom. Confronting those fears rather then running away is what just might save them.


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