Fratello Review

Fratello Book Review

Like many books written in Malay, there has to be a love aspect to it. This book was no exception. What made this different from ‘Cintaku Mamat Pizza Delivery Boy’ and the like, was this book was written from a man’s perspective, which is something I’ve never considered reading before.

Edika was just starting to get his life on track when his younger sister, Marni surprised the family with a wish to marry a lad she met on Facebook, just as she was done with her studies. Their mom, being a traditional woman, insists Edika to get married as well, because as tradition goes, the elder gets married first.

There wasn’t any action leading up to the first few chapters, but readers soon got to know a little bit about Edika and what kind of a person he is. Edika was faced with a few scenarios leaving the reader’s wondering what traits he possessed. Is he religious? Is he hardworking? Does he pimp himself out? – Yes, those we’re the questions I asked myself while reading.

After a failed comical attempt by Marni to get Edika to introduce himself to their pretty neighbor, Mael, Edika’s childhood friend, decides to take matters into his own hands and introduces him to a dating company that specializes in setting up bachelors with potential partners based on questionnaires.

3 options were laid out to Edika. A daughter of wealthy parents, a plump woman who loves a good meal, and a religiously faithful burqa-clad woman.

Not long after, Edika’s life was embroiled in mysterious deaths of his candidates.

One thing I liked about the book was the ability to keep the readers laughing and engaged with its nonsensical one liner. With Edika’s personality and the usual sibling banter, Khairul Aswad kept the tone light-hearted.

The dramatic comedy turned thriller was a fresh take on the usual romantic comedies I’ve picked up. However, I was disappointed with the plot twist that could be predicted from a mile away.

There were so many points within the book that could have made it chair gripping and suspenseful, but the author failed make use of it and by the end, the story-line felt rushed.

Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this book if you have a couple of hours to spare and want to do some light reading.

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