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The Excitement And The Delicious Food of 29th Sea Games

The last time Malaysia held the SEA Games was in 2001.  Now 16 years later Malaysia is once again hosting the 29th Sea Games 2017.  The opening events started around dusk with several secondary schools showing off their very synchronised and precise marching skills with rain pouring down on them like cats and dogs. To the crowd’s delight, they continued to persevere even in the heavy rain.  

Turning back the clock to five hours before the event, the crowd was gathering slowly but steadily just outside the stadium. To kill time, some were taking memorable pictures while others were filling their empty tummies with food from the numerous food trucks available there.




From western dishes to very Malaysian style of food, everything was there. Altough, the price was a bit costly than the food you would normally find on every day basis, but it was worth it considering the biggest sport event in South East Asia was going to launch in mere hours.

Juicy beef sandwich by Paparizzo


Visitors from The Phillipines trying food from The Tokyo Burger
Visitors from The Philippines trying out some bite size -burgers from The Tokyo Burger

Some food trucks that ornamented the view outside the stadium and sold food to hungry, sweaty and very patient customers who were waiting for just the right time to enter the stadium  to witness the dazzling official opening ceremony that was going to happen soon.

A couple of hours prior to the glorious event people started to build up. If you queue up at one of these food trucks then, it will take at least a half an hour before you can get your order ready. This was thanks to people ordering numerous quantity of dishes (for their family and friends) per person.

Visitors queuing up in long lines waiting for food just a couple of hours before the start of the ceremony
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