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How To Wear A Basic T-Shirt And Look Anything But Basic

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up in the morning and you just can’t be bothered to iron that shirt for work? Or when you forgot about the brunch date you set up a week ago and thinking of cancelling it just because you just can’t be bothered to put on anything that looks remotely presentable. It’s alright though, everyone has those days. Here’s some good news, you can wear that t-shirt you slept in last night and still look chic. It’s all about balance.

Here are some tips to make you look good while wearing a comfy t’.

Kendall Jenner is well known for her mix and match street style. On days where she’s not wearing head to toe in Gucci or Chanel, she too opts for the casual plain t-shirt. In the picture on the left, she balances the baggy t-shirt with a body con skirt and metallic pointy heels. The t-shirt tones down the party style of the bottom half and makes it appropriate for Saturday brunch. In the picture on the right, Kendall dons jogger pants with a t-shirt knotted at one side. The combination is definitely fitting for a cozy day in on a Sunday, but if you’re thinking of stepping out to run some errands, pair it with some accessories like a hat or a plain coloured hijab with some funky shoes like Kendall. Here she wears metallic sneakers.

If you haven’t noticed, almost all of these outifts show tucked in t-shirts. The baggy t-shirts will rob you of your feminine figure, so it’s best to tuck the t-shirt in to show some waistline. If you want it to be hijab friendly, then leave the back half untucked like the middle picture.

For a more feminine look, pair a plain t-shirt with a short or ankle length skirt. Choose something that has patterns or colours to counterbalance the plain t-shirt. This combination will make your outfit pop out more. As for accessories, a simple layered necklace keeps the look casual for the weekend.

If you’re wondering, these outfits also work for long sleeve t-shirts, so worry not hijabis, you too can rock these chic outfits!

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