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Kind Businessman Gives Unlimited Free Refills

From World of Buzz, these days everyone knows how expensive eating out can be. Food prices are constantly on the rise while size of meals have been cut down so stalls could save costs. This sure makes it difficult for those of us who are looking for ways to save money.

Now, there seems to be one food stall that understands our difficult situation!

A couple from Marang, Terengganu have been making headlines because their food stall offers unlimited free refills.

Husband and wife Rizal and Saadiah

Free refills to help the people

The couple, Mohd Rizal Ghazali, and his wife, Saadiah Abdul Aziz, decided to do this to help their customers get more value for their money. “All my food items are reasonably priced, as I intend to help those who are trying to cope with the rising cost of living these days,” said Rizal.

“The unlimited free refill is to ensure that every ringgit spent at my food stall is worth the value. If they want a refill, all they need to do is pass their plates or bowls to our restaurant helpers who are more than willing to help them.”

Their stall, named ‘Restoran Tambah Percuma’ serves pasembor and Penang laksa, priced at RM3 each, and chicken/fish fried rice, which are priced at RM4 each; all refillable for free but only the fried rice is refillable for the chicken/fish fried rich dish. You can also get free refills for their cendol (RM2), and plain tea/iced plain tea (RM1). Woah, that’s super cheap!

Although the free refills does not apply to all items on the menu, it’s still a really good deal if you are planning to save some cash. Rizal justified their prices, saying, “Dining out for a family of four hardly costs over RM50 at my place, which is far cheaper than at any fast food outlet.”

We think this is a great idea that these stall owners came up with. It’s good to know they are also doing this out of the kindness of their hearts!


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