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Singapore: Kaya Durian Toast Made From Premium D24 Durian

It is durian season now in Malaysia! Yes, durian lovers, this is your time to eat ALL the durians!

The best durians are the ones we always eat fresh but sometimes when we spot some durian-flavoured delicacies we can’t help but try them. That’s because we know anything with durian tastes great!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a famous kopitiam in Singapore announced they were coming out with a new food item that got us drooling.

Kaya Durian Toast Exclusive at Ya Kun Kopitiam

They announced that they were releasing Kaya Durian toast, which looks like the perfect dish to have for your tea break or just whenever you feel like it! Ya Kun announced the launch of this tempting treat on their Facebook page and describes it as “rich and creamy with a hint of bittersweet flavour, our premium durian compliments the sweet flavour of kaya to create the divinely exquisite Kaya Durian Toast!” That sounds yummy!

How is it served?

It consists of two slices of toast with one layer of sweet, creamy kaya layered with durian paste and only costs S$3.20 (RM9.97). A perfect match! Apparently, this special edition toast that claims to use the premium D24 durian is only available for a limited time and was launched in conjunction with Singapore’s 52nd birthday. You can enjoy this sweet treat from 11 July to 9 August 2017 at all Ya Kun outlets, except for Ang Mo Kio MRT, Golden Shoe Car Park, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore Poly.

Unfortunately, this great meal is not available in Malaysia. So if you have cravings for this exquisite dish, you can only have it while you are in Singapore and even have it delivered to you while you are there.

Source: World of Buzz

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