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How To Style Your Hair According To Your Face Shape

Hair treatment is not only focused on its health alone, but styling techniques that match with the face shape can also make a person glow. It is important to note that the wrong haircuts and hair styles can make a person look awkward, thereby damaging the appearance even if the individual is wearing a beautiful and up-to-date dress.

Here are some tips that can be used to determine the haircut that suits your face shape.

# Oval face

This face shape is ideal for all kinds of haircut whether long or short. However, layered or overlapping cut is the perfect choice for balancing the shape of your face. With the style, your oval face is balanced and you will look better.

# Round face

Get a soft or layered haircut to give a long, sleek impression on the face. Those who have this form of face need to be wise in choosing a suitable haircut. Your hair style should be able to cover the face especially the cheeks so it does not look round.

# Square face

Those who have this face have a wide forehead and a balanced cheekbones and jaws. If the round face should cover their face, the square face people should choose the wavy haircut to cover the chin. Avoid inserting your hair at the back of your ear as it will highlight your face shape.


# Heart shaped face      

Heart-shaped face can be seen from a wide forehead, high cheekbones and pointed chin. Shoulder length haircut is less suitable for them as it will make your face seems longer. Preferably, select a haircut that makes the jaw look full like a curly hairstyle at the tip.


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