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Teh Bunga: Tea That Comes With Bees

There are numerous thirst quenchers sold at the many Bazaar Ramadans for during fasting month. From as soy drink to colourful fruit juices. One special drink that is only available during fasting month is Chrysenthemum Flower Tea (Teh Bunga).  It can be found exclusively during this particular month in Kedah. This is no ordinary flower tea, as the stall always has swarms of bees surrounding it.

Click on the video below, to see thousands of bees swarming the stall.

The phenomenon is strange but very true. The tea is sold at Bazar Ramadan Stadium Darul Aman every year. Each year, hundreds of buyers are willing to line up and wait for their turn in long queues just to have a taste of this special bees-accompanied- beverage.

According to the vendor Zaidi Zainol Abidin, 50, he still sells the beverage at RM 2 each. Although the cost of raw ingredients are on the rise, he still sells the drinks at the same price from when he first began the business.

The Secret Ingredient: Honey

The secret behind the many customers and the swarm of bees is honey. Honey is used instead of sugar to sweeten the drink.


It is generally acknowledged, honey is enriched with many nutrients and is consumed traditionally to cure many ailments. Perhaps, there are a few who do not favor and consume honey on a regular basis. Therefore, this flower tea can be a good source of honey for individuals who are reluctant to try honey just as it is.

A Facebook user, Damia Danial says, “neither the sellers nor the customers have been stung by the bees, as you can see from the pictures, people are queuing up just fine, everybody is just chilling. “ Insyallah everything is fine. I am sure it is okay, because bees like things that are clean and sweet”, she further adds.

Source: hotfm & Harian Metro

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