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Is Beauty Sleep A Real Thing? Here’s The Answer

There really is such a thing as beauty sleep and people who don’t get enough of sleep do appear less attractive to others. That’s the result of a new study by researchers at Stockholm University, published in the Royal Society Open Science journal.

According to the director of Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, Heidi A. Waldorf, beauty rest is not only for real but it’s highly necessary for all ages.

Our bodies, every organ, and function needs rest, time to regenerate and prepare for activity. While awake, eating, moving, thinking, the normal physiologic processes our organs to allow those activities and to protect us from the environment like ultraviolet light and pollution, produce molecules like free radicals that can be harmful.

Getting enough sleep also allows skin cells to repair. Consider your acne treatment or face moisturizer, part of the reason these overnight treatments work so effectively is because we don’t mess with them while we’re asleep, allowing them to really seep into our skin and work their magic.

Think of sleep time as rest, regenerate, and repair time. Exhaustion and stress aren’t just hard on internal organ systems but our appearance will pay the price as well in the form of puffy eyes and dermatologic issue like acne problem.

A full night on your back means better blood flow to your face, adding glow to your face. A nice rest is also good for your head as it can support healthy hair growth. Sleeping means you’re altering the angle of gravity’s clutches, and that helps prevent sagging and wrinkles of your skin.

So rest your tired head, sleeping beauty and you’ll feel and look better in the next morning!

Source: Readersdigest, Telegraph


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