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First Nutella Cafe In The United States

Italian chocolate-maker,  Ferrero  revealed details about  the opening of its first Nutella Cafe in the United States, a standalone restaurant that will highlight the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread on everything from warm breads to yoghurt and gelato.

Nutella Cafe in the US

And unlike many promotion acts, the Nutella Cafe will be situated permanently in Windy City.

The menu will also sell savoury items like paninis and salads.

In 2015, the brand opened a Nutella Cafe in Toronto, Canada, inside the Sobeys Urban Fresh grocery store. The in-store café sells crepes which includes Nutella-stuffed crepes and has limited seating available.

Eataly in New York and Chicago also have Nutella Bars, which serve desserts but without the savoury items.

Nutella was created in 1964, and ever since then has been available in 160 countries worldwide. It was introduced to the US in 1983.


The Nutella Cafe opened its doors on May 31, with celebrity food host Rocco DiSpirito, and is located near Millennium Park.

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