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Unicorn Noodles Is The Newest All-Natural Trend Food

First, there was unicorn latte. Then, there was unicorn frappuccino. There have many food trends relating to unicorns, and it is expected there will be many more after these. But we want to take a moment to recognise the beauty of our new unicorn food: unicorn noodles.

What are they?

Unicorn noodles are basically just noodles ― they’re made using clear or white noodles ― that have been naturally dyed.

How are they made?

To colour the noodles blue, purple cabbage is boiled in a large pot of water to release the color. Noodles are left in the boiled water to absorb the colored water for 5-10 minutes. Two factors will affect the blueness of the noodles, first is the ratio of cabbage: water used (the more cabbage used the darker the colour will be), the length of time noodles are soaked in the boiled water (the longer the noodles are soaked the darker the colour will turn out)

Three colours of unicorn noodles

The noodles are then turned to shades of pink and purple with a simple squeeze of a lemon. In fact, turning them these shades is one of the best parts of making unicorn noodles. You squeeze the juice and watch them change colors right in front of your eyes.

The science behind it

It looks like magic, but it’s really science at work. When you add acid to the purple noodles, the pigment from the purple cabbage — called anthocyanin — reacts by changing color.

The longer time the noodles are left in the boiled water, the darker the colour.

Source: Huffington Post & The Indigo Kitchen

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