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Office Makeup: How To Look Professional At Work

You spend the bigger part of your day at the office, so there’s every reason you need to look your best. One challenge many young women face is choosing the right makeup for a corporate environment. Looking competent and professional is incredibly important. Studies have shown that women who wear makeup to work are more likely to get promoted.

The trick is finding a look that enhances your natural beauty. Here are tricks to help you out.

#Go easy on the mascara

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You want your eyes to look noticeable, but not overdone. Don’t let the lashes jump out. Just roll the mascara once and leave it at that.

#Avoid the smoky eye look

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The office is the last place where you need to show that dramatic smoky eyed look. It will just end up looking like you came to work straight from a party. Choose for a light or nude eyeshadow to keep your professional look.

#Opt for a natural, rosy blush

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It may not be the fresh blush that you get after a round of exercise, but this will have to do. For the cheeks, go for a blush in a natural rosy shade. Overdoing the colour is a big no-no.

#No glitter lips

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Keep the lips matte. Frosty lips do not belong in a subtle workplace setting. Also, avoid those brick and berry reds. Apart from leaving stains on the coffee cup, they can also be distracting.

#Spray carefully

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Wear perfume, but stick to light scents. Romance by Ralph Lauren for example, is a soft fragrance perfect for office wear. Or try one with power-boosting ingredients like rosemary — studies suggest the smell may improve mental performance — or vanilla, which is linked to creativity.


Source: timesofindia, makeupandbeautyblog

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