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Chipwich – A Must For Sweet Tooths

What is a Chipwich?

Ice-cream sandwich is making a comeback overseas, and like all good comebacks, it has went through some makeover.


It is no longer known as just an ‘ice-cream sandwich’, it is now commonly known as a Chipwich. (Short for chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich)

The term ‘chipwich’ has become a very popular way to describe ice-cream squeezed between cookies. A chipwich seems to has no fixed size – some are so large it requires to be held by two-hands while others are so small and cute that just two fingers are enough to hold them.

It’s also attractive to look at and it is really delicious. You can even make it yourself from ingredients found at home.

Chipwich looks attractive and delicious

Origins of Chipwich

The history of the original Chipwich is almost as sweet as it is. Although early ‘ice-cream sandwiches’ originates back to the late 1800s, where a scoop of the frozen dessert was delicately smooshed between wafers, the Chipwich is a different type of dessert altogether

The New York Times reports the original Chipwich sandwich was invented partly by Richard LaMotta in 1981. LaMotta initially worked as a varied businessman before going into the food industry.

LaMotta was said to have come up with the idea while trying to create a way to include cookies into ice-cream without them turning soggy.

Chipwich come in many varieties

The launch of the newly-styled creamy dessert became famous instantly. LaMotta and his business partner soon faced competition from those who copied the dessert, and still does until today.

Source: Mamamia


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