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Black Ice Cream-The Hottest New Trend

What is black ice cream?

Black ice cream is not a new phenomenon, as it has become popular in the US last summer. It is basically ice cream made with activated charcoal.

Black ice cream is conquering major social network sites

Although activated charcoal is known for its detox characteristics and most commonly used in hospitals and emergency rooms, this ice cream is not exactly a type of health food.  Others might recognise charcoal’s popularity in beauty products such as face masks and toothpastes.

What does it tastes like?

You would think it tastes like dark chocolate, but in fact, the flavor is Almond Charcoal. The shop is experimenting with other dark ice cream flavours such as  Black Roses.

Where can it be found?

This ice cream is only available in the US right now at Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles, but there is also another shop that serves ice cream made from squid ink and a black coconut ash flavor as well in New York City.

What is it made of?

The unique ice cream is made using burned remains of a coconut shell which are then mixed with coconut flakes, coconut milk and coconut cream.

The sweet treat even comes in a black waffle cone – but for those not completely ready to join the dark side, colourful toppings can also be added.

Rainbow sprinkles can be added to cheer up your black ice cream

Japan has previously tried the dark trend after selling black sesame ice cream, which has a nutty taste.

How can I make black ice cream?

If you live in Malaysia or are nowhere near the shops that sells this  dark treat and you would like to have a taste, it is definitely possible to create your own.

This version, from Spoon University, doesn’t need an ice cream maker—however you will need to have the main ingredient: activated charcoal.

By adding lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk, and a bit of sour cream, you can create a homemade edition of black ice cream with a zestier flavour


Source: The Scotsman, The Daily Dot & 93. 1 Fresh Radio.

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