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Local Cosmetic Products Banned For Toxic Content

Mercury and two other scheduled poisons have been found in eight local cosmetic products and the public has been advised to refrain from buying and using these products.

The products that were banned were Moleek Day Cream, Adel Miracle Flawless Serum, Ah Beauty Night Cream, NDZ UV Whitening, Snow Cream Normal and Snow Cream Sensitif, Dnars Nar Cream and Ellfie Night Cream.

All sellers and distributors are warned to stop sales and distribution of these products immediately.

Products adulterated with mercury are commonly marketed for skin lightening and anti-ageing treatments such as for freckles, blemishes and wrinkles but exposure to them can cause damage to the kidneys and the nervous system.

It may also interfere with the development of the brain in unborn children and very young children because mercury could get into children’s bodies from inhaling the mercury vapours.

Products containing the other scheduled poisons – hydroquinone and tretinoin – are pharmaceutical products that require registration with the Drug Control Authority and can only be used under the advice of a healthcare professional.

Cosmetic products adulterated with hydroquinone are typically marketed for skin lightening.

Hydroquinone inhibits the pigmentation process which reduces the skin’s ability to be protected from harmful UV rays, thus, increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Cosmetic products adulterated with tretinoin are commonly promoted for use in acne and to reduce wrinkles, he said.

Selling or distributing such cosmetic products is an offence under the Control Of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations 1984.

The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) urged the public to refrain from buying and using all these products:

  1. Moleek Day Cream with the notification number NOT150505422K (by DZ Reenz Enterprise)
  2. Adel Miracle Flawless Serum NOT150805326K ( Syahmi Empire Resources)
  3. Ah Beauty Night Cream NOT150702606K (Ilana Consultancy)
  4. NDZ UV Whitening with the notification number NOT131204050K (Perniagaan Cahaya Hayati)
  5. Snow Cream Normal with the notification number NOT151106109K and Snow Cream Sensitif NOT151106110K (Onew Cosmetics)
  6. Dnars Nar Cream Sensitif NOT150104341K ( Rohban Trade Sdn Bhd)
  7. Ellfie Night Cream NOT150203432K (Ellfie Beauty).

Recently, another two cosmetic products have been banned for the same toxic content. These products are Tati Skincare 5 in 1 and Lyanaz Beauty Care brands.

For more information, email kosmetik@npra.gov.my or call 037883 5400 to check the notification status of a cosmetic product via npra.moh.gov.my/

Source: Thestar

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