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Momohime: Japanese Halal Skincare Available In Malaysia

Momohime or translated as Peach Princess, is the first halal skincare brand available in the Malaysian market that is exclusively manufactured in Japan. With its pink and white packaging, Momohime products look just like any other cute Japanese skincare product.

Mariya Mieko Kobayashi, who co-founded the brand with her husband Umar Kobayashi, said the idea of a halal cosmetics range came from her friends in Indonesia, a country that she and Umar frequently travelled to.

Mariya and Umar have many Muslim friends who tell them that they want to use Japanese skincare products, but they are afraid that the ingredients might not be suitable.

mariya and umar during the launch of momohime in kl

Cosmetics and skincare ingredients might be derived from animals. This is where the idea of halal made-in-Japan skincare products came about.

The couple, who converted into Islam after learning about the religion, said that the Momohime skincare line uses plant-based ingredients, with the exception of fish-based collagen. Alcohol is not included in the products.

Momohime skincare products have halal-certification from the Japan Islamic Trust, a Japan-based halal certification body that is recognised by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

According to Mariya, Momohime is suitable for Muslim women who want to use halal cosmetics without compromising on its quality.

She said that the skincare line has been available in Japan for a year and is sold at pharmacies, beauty shops, and online. The products are also apparently becoming popular not only with Japanese Muslims, but other Japanese as well.

For Malaysians, the products can be found online through Lazada, and the couple plan to launch it at stores in the country.

Currently the line includes face wash, lotion, cream, and face essence, and they plan on expanding it with more products soon.

Source: Thestar

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