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3 Cendol Places To Go To When In Malacca

Cendol, is an ice-cold and sweet dessert synonymous to the historical city of Malacca. Made from coconut milk mixed with gula Melaka (brown sugar) containing pandan flavoured starch-like- jelly is the perfect thing to have when you have finished exploring the historical and colourful streets of Malacca during a bright and sunny weather.
Although it is common to see numerous cendol stalls in Malacca, here are 3 cendol spots that you will find enjoyable and exquisite bowls of cendol.

#1 The Kappan House
Location: Jalan Tukang Besi, Jonker Street
Price for basic cendol: RM 3.00

The cendol has a deep rich and earthy gula Melaka taste to it. It is sweet with a very light taste of bitterness. The sweet taste of gula Melaka is perfectly in balanced with the fresh and ice-cold coconut milk. The green cendol strips are home-made. They are soft and have a nice and springy chew. It is the right type of food to have when you have finished doing some shopping in Jonker Street.

Kappan House bowl of cendol

#2 Jeta Groves Melaka Nyonya Delights
Location: Jalan Merdeka
Price for basic cendol: RM 3.00

Jeta Groves, is one of the many places that are favoured by the locals since is located away from the Jonker Street, which can be a traffic madhouse during weekends. It offers a basic cendol with additions such as red beans, durian and ice-cream.

The plain cendol served here is delicious, although the gula Melaka that comes with it lacked the expected robustness. The cendol with ice-cream variation (which costs RM3.80) is nearly the same as the original version, except the dessert will turn out sweeter and creamier by the time the vanilla ice-cream has melted into the dessert. Nyonya dishes are also sold here, which you can buy to dine with your cendol.

Jeta Groves cendol with ice cream on top

#3 Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant
Location: Jalan Melaka Raya
Price for basic cendol: RM 3.00

At Amy Heritage, they claim to serve authentic nyonya dishes, this includes their bowl of cendol. Different from the rests of cendol dishes introduced in this article, Amy Heritage serves their cendol with ice cubes instead of ice shavings. They claim that this is the “original” form of Nyonya cendol.

Whether original or not, the cendol is still very enjoyable as the ice cubes did manage to do their job of keeping the dessert, ice cold to the very last drop. The smooth cendol had a hint of taste to it, which goes great with the rich bittersweet flavor of the gula Melaka. A bowl of cendol is a great way to end a delightful meal there.

Amy Heritage cendol served with ice cubes

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