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10 Delicious Korean Desserts You Must Try

The influence of K-pop culture in Malaysia has not only introduced Malaysians to many of the country’s trendy pop songs and its’ beautiful and good looking celebrities. It also has introduced us to many tasty and mouth-watering Korean cuisines.

This time around, this article features 10 must try Korean Desserts you can find either in Korea or in Malaysia itself.

Here are 10 must try delicious Korean Deserts

  1. Yakgwa –Yakgwa is a traditional Korean dish. Initially thought to be a dessert, but it is more a type of sweet than a dessert. It is made from honey, sesame seed oil and flour.


  2.  Songpyeon –Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food made from rice flour. It is shaped to look like a half moon. It is stuffed with a variety of sweet or semi-sweet stuffing like sesame seed oil, honey and pastes like red bean and chestnut.


  1. Injeolmi – Injeolmi is among many types of  Korean rice cake that is small in shape and what’s most interesting about it, is the cake is covered in  powdered groundnuts.


  1. Yugwa- or better known as Yumilgwa  is a type of Korean traditional candy  made by frying a mixture of flour and honey with the outside covered with sesame seed. 


  1. Boong Uh Bbang -or otherwise known as Goldfish Bread, it is stuffed with red bean paste. During winter season, this is one of Koreans’ favourite deserts sold on the streets.
    Boong Uh Bbang


  1. Patbingsoo – Patbingsoo is a snow-like dessert. The original idea for a bingsoo is crushed ice, red bean and soft rice cake. However, nowadays there are many varieties of bingsoo by putting fruits, ice cream, coconut jelly, cereal and many more to the crushed ice.


  1. Gyeongju Bbang– Otherwise named as Gyeongju Bread is a type of snack similar to our kuih that is shaped like a moon cake and filled with red bean paste.


  1. Hoppang – it is shaped like our own kuih pau, made from rice flour and filled with red bean paste, meat, cheese, vegetables and sweet potato paste.


  1. Hotteok – a Hotteok dough is made from flour, water, milk, sugar and yeast. The dough is then filled with a mixture of red bean paste, brown sugar, honey, groundnuts and cinnamon


  1. Sikhye – Sikhye is a traditional Korean drink. Sikhye is a sweet drink made from cooked rice and barley powder, served as a dessert. It contains only a few grains of rice and few pieces of pine nuts. 

Here you go, 10 mouth-watering Korean desserts to tickle your taste buds. What are you waiting for? Set out to try these tasty desserts today!

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