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Ais Tingkap – A must have for Penang Travellers

Your trip to Penang won’t be complete without a sip of ‘Ais Tingkap’ which directly translates to Window Sherbet.  The name originates from how they used to sell this drink when they first started.  Also known as Ais Sarbat, one of the stalls that sells this remarkable thirst quencher can be found by a road side at Jalan Penang, Georgetown, Penang.20170322_131935

Costing only 2 ringgit per cup, this icy cold drink has a sweet strawberry- like minty flavour to it. The soft, jelly- like basil seeds and malva nut gives the drink a soft chewy texture.  It is the perfect drink to have after you are done with all of your shopping and searched for all the street arts in bright and sunny Island of Penang. The inviting cherry-red colour of the drink only gives you a glimpse of the refreshing and cooling taste that’s about to come.


Some of its’ major ingredients are coconut water, coconut, rose essence, basil seeds (selasih),  malva nut (kembang semangkuk)  and almond gum (getah anggur). This 80-year old drink is  thought to have a cooling effect and is still used traditionally to release body heat. The stall also sells classic favorites such as cendol, ais kacang (sweetened shaved ice) and coconut water.

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