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Matcha flavoured McFlurry Anyone?

Have you decided on what to do this weekend? How about we suggest you to head out to the nearest McDonald and get yourself a cup of their new-most-anticipated flavour McFlurry?


Yes, my fellow green tea lovers! The green goodness flavour has finally arrived in Malaysia after the long wait since last November.

For those who are might not aware, last year all the food lovers in Malaysia were swoon away when


McDonald announced that they were going to launch a new Japanese-inspired menus.

Everyone was so hyped when they see the range of menus that include Matcha Top, Matcha Oreo McFlurry, and Matcha Ogura McFlurry to satisfy your sweet tooth and also a couple savoury dishes like Roasted Sesame Tori Rice Bowl and Beef Teriyaki Tamago Burger to satisfy your appetites.

However, truth be told, the ad was posted by Mcdonald’s Indonesia and was only available there – and that seriously bumped a lot of Malaysians.

But you don’t have to cry anymore because it has been confirmed a few days ago that the Green Tea McFlurry is now available and ready to be purchase in Malaysia!

What’s more exciting is that it comes in two different flavours.

If you prefer the original authentic taste of Matcha, you are opt to go for the Green Tea McFlurry


flavour because it only consist of McD’s delicious vanilla ice cream with their finest matcha powder – preserving the green tea flavour, for only RM5.99.

But, if you want some texture to your McFlurry, you might want to try the Green Tea McFlurry with Red Bean, for an additional RM1.00!

You better be quick though because this new menu is not going to stay forever and for only a limited amount of time.

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